My First Solo-Excursion


I always had a laid-back attitude towards traveling considering the fact that I had many other important things to do in life. Books and internet were the only sources that I relied upon to gain any kind of awareness. Yet, I thought a million times to break my shell and explore the possibilities and discover myself to the fullest. It was difficult to find the company of the like-minded individuals and I was also scared to take the venture all by myself. However, the zest within me was so vibrant that it gave me a positive thrust to overcome the claustrophobia which I had now begun to develop. This led me to take my life’s first ever solo excursion to the Himalayan Mountains at Manali and Rumsu.

This trekking expedition has not just made me familiar with the popular places in and around the destination but also made me aware of the goodness in people, making me ponder how I was instructed not to trust anyone during the trip by my well-wishers, and how those very strangers became the well-wishers who could be blindly trusted in the tough times during the journey; it was a bright feeling of acclimatizing myself not just to the surrounding and weather but also to acclimatize myself to the unconditional joy showered by all the beings around me. I suddenly realized that all these years when I was tangled to minting prosperity for myself, never did I notice a sunrise or a sunset, nor did I gaze at the night sky and never had the chilling wind made me shiver with delight. Stepping out of my comfort zone was a pleasure that I shall cherish all my life!
The Climb to the Sterling Wood Forest
We were a team, yet we all chose to transcend through different paths to reach the same peak 8,000 ft above the sea – the Sterling Wood Forests our final destination. I can very well relate this to our very own existence! Some routes were short and risky, few were long and easy, some were steep, and others were rocky while some were smooth. Few were taken while many were left untrodden. We all picked our paths independently and kept switching as per our ease and convenience. We challenged ourselves on many occasions and relaxed too at times. During the trek, I realized that nature portrays a unique yet a similar pattern in every walk of life and we are here just to discover it. This simple excursion connected me to several episodes of my life and I kept tracing the universal pattern!
It does not matter if you begin late, but it is essential to gather the courage and take the first step and keep moving, in spite of your body giving up, your heart beating in an unusual way when your breath begins to cease and you bruise yourself badly.
Rumsu Village
A time is bound to come when you shall make it to the peak. This expedition brought all my strengths and positive emotions on the surface, withering away all the fears and uncertainties resting in my mind and heart for years!

My First Solo-Excursion
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My First Solo-Excursion

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