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Having Fun in Disneyland California: Unforgettable Experience!


People say (and honestly, know for a fact) that visiting a Disneyland for just one day is not enough. It’s never enough, considering that this recreational park is so huge and full of entertainment in every corner. I definitely agree with the saying Whenever you’re sad, go to Disneyland! because it’s scientifically impossible to stay sad in the middle of that much happiness! You guys are probably familiar with many faces of Disneyland, the one which located in Hongkong, China, Japan, Hawaii, France or USA. But in this review, I want to talk about the Disneyland in California. Yep, the one who’s located in Anaheim, California and has been opened since 1955. Because of many other reasons (The time is not enough, okay!), I can only get some rides. But it was some of their main attractions, and it made me so happy to be able to visit those places and try their spectacular rides.
Having fun in Finding Nemo submarine voyage This ride is all about Finding Nemo. They take you to underwater journey with a submarine and actually do what Nemo do. There are so many beautiful fishes and all kinds of stuff you could find in the sea here. They are beautiful, mesmerizing, and definitely worth the wait! Because it is quite a new attraction, the line can be long but believe me; it’s worth it!
Location: Tomorrowland (Disneyland)
Amazed by Pirates of Caribbean Rides
This is a boat-ride that involved wonderful storytelling along the way. Just like its name, the entire ride was consist of the time when the Caribbean was ruled by pirates. The audio and visual views in this ride are just unreal; you should totally experience it at least once in your lifetime!
Location: New Orleans Square (Disneyland)
Exactly explaining its name, Haunted Mansion is filled by thousands of ghosts that want to meet you. It was so fun and chilling at the same time to get into this place, but this place is definitely worth it if you like a little bit of horror touch.

Location: New Orleans Square (Disneyland)
Space Mountain
When we are talking about Disneyland, this classic attraction is one of the musts, right? This is why I decided to visit the place when I was in Disneyland. The dark coaster journey is super fun, exciting, and very iconic. Who needs to go to outer space when being in Space Mountain feels so much better, am I right!
Location: Tomorrowland (Disneyland)
I just can’t believe I visit all of its wonderful places as much as I want. It was such an unfortunate thing! As much happy as I was for being able to taste several of its best attractions, it would definitely be better if I can just visit some more places. If you want to use your time optimally in Disneyland, there are few tips I can give you, based on my recent experience visiting this amazing place.
1. Try to go to this place even before they are opening
The line is gonna be super long, and you know it. Therefore, it is best for you to anticipate by going to this place way early. Try to go there before they open. You could still probably stuck in long lines of queue anyway, but at least you won’t wait for hours before you can ride your first attraction. In the early morning, you can try to eat your breakfast in one of their restaurants. Usually, there are some characters that will spend time with you in between your breakfast. Fun is it not!
Downloading the Disneyland app could get you many perks. You can definitely save time and money because there are many fast-track and promotion that you can get from Disneyland app. When you are registering online, you only need to show the barcode to the guards, and they will let you in.
Try to research the places first before you actually visiting this place. This place is complicated and has many spots that you might not wanna miss. Therefore you need to understand your war-zone first before you’re going there. There are some all-day guide to Disneyland that is available anywhere on the internet; you should check them out!
Pack your own snacks and water
The snack and water in Disneyland could be expensive, much more expensive than those you can get outside. Therefore, it will be quite a good idea if you pack your own snack and water to avoid unnecessary spending.

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