States that have legalized marijuana.


I have to admit that my love for Mary Jane goes deeper than anyone can comprehend. I started using a while back, and after realizing its effects like feeling stoned and having euphoria, I think I became addicted. I use it on almost a daily basis, so when I recently got out for my travels, I made it a priority to know the legality of marijuana in the various states. The last thing I need right now is being on the wrong side of the law. In my quest, I learned quite a lot.

Washington and Colorado’s states were the pioneer states in legalizing marijuana for recreational use back in 2012. They were followed by seven other states which are Alaska, Maine, Oregon, Nevada, Vermont, California, and Massachusetts. However, DC and Vermont continue to ban its use for fun though they permit growing and possession of marijuana. The use of marijuana has continuously grown even with the increasing number of people using or dealing being arrested and a dangerous black market. However, I was surprised to learn that even though some states permit the use of marijuana for fun it still is illegal under federal law and the Trump administration has taken a hard stance on it.
Excluding Vermont, the other states have commercialized the selling of marijuana and have put in place regulations to govern the sale. Marijuana legalization has been due to the unsuccessful war on drugs. Even with efforts being made against marijuana, an ever-growing number of people were continuing to be incarcerated, and a criminal black market was thriving. After trying and failing, people are warming up to the idea of marijuana being legalized since it is believed to have no harmful effects, a sigh of relief.

Even with Mary Jane being completely legalized, some 13 states have moved to decriminalize but not necessarily legalize marijuana. In these states, possession of small amounts does not currently carry the penalties like jail time, but large-scale distribution and possession remains criminal and illegal. 29 States have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purpose although the approaches they take towards it vary from state to state. Even with concerns over its legality, marijuana remains relatively safe but with some effects. One of its effects is that it is addictive that is why there is a little hesitation in accepting it to be legalized. Studies have shown that the use of marijuana will grow with its legalization since people will be able to access it easily. In The other parts of the world, Uruguay was the first country to legalize marijuana back in 2013. Canada is currently working on legalizing it. The Netherlands allows its citizens to use marijuana and for it to be sold in shops provided they do not sell it to minors. Spain also has marijuana clubs through its sale is still illegal. International treaties have slowed down the process of legalizing marijuana.

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