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Great Ways to Save Travel Money: Part 1


Nowadays, many people are travelling here, there and everywhere. But how do they afford it? Where does the money come from? Saving money is not easy for many people but travelling is a shared dream. This is your guide to help get you started and achieve your holiday dream.
Try to do everything on the list that applies to you but don’t start them all at once.  Start with the ones that involve research and changing companies, as these will probably be most cost effective. Then introduce a few that involve changing your habits. Once they become automatic, start a few more. Before you know you will be boarding your flight, having saved lots of money.

1) Lower house bills

The best way to lower your house bills is to search, compare and switch to providers that offer cheaper gas, electricity and heating etc. Another way is to reduce the usage of house amenities, here is how:

  • Go to the gym (membership should be no more than $25 a month) to shower every day, use the WiFi and charge your electronic appliances. If gym membership is over $25, cancel it. It’s not worth it.
  • Leave the house. Spend your evenings at a friend’s house, with your parents or enjoy the outdoors.
  • Swap activities. Read a book instead of watching tv. Stop using the hairdryer and dry your hair naturally. Wear an extra layer of clothing instead of putting the heating on.
  • Save money on housing

2) Contact Service Providers

After changing your utilities investigate other contracts you pay, in order to save more money. If you can’t live without it, find it cheaper! Firstly, call the service provider to negotiate a lower rate, if this can’t be agreed, visit a comparison website to find the best deals. Remember the less money you pay, the quicker you can start travelling.   Some companies offer a welcome reward for switching providers.

3) Set Money Aside

Once you have completed 1 and 2, start this method to help save money for travelling.
Initially, calculate how much money you spend on all your monthly necessities like rent, supermarket shop, bills, petrol, transport and insurance. This calculation should not include non-essential activities and products such as the hairdressers, clothes or going out, etc. Once you know your monthly expenditure, deduct it from your monthly wage. With the remaining amount set up a monthly direct debit to move 60% of it to a savings account, that offers a high interest rate. If you can’t do 60% do 50% or 40%. Something is better than nothing.
Save Money to Travel by reducing outgoings

4) These Boots are Made for Walking

Only use your car for distances over 4km. You can easily walk 4km in 50 minutes. Think about all the walking you will do on holiday as you explore new places, this can be your training. Over time the amount of money you save not using petrol, could be equal to a few nights accommodation. Plus, you will be doing both your body and the environment a favour.
>>Will your travel adventure involve completing the famous hiking challenge, Camino de Santiago?<<

5) Host a Movie/Games Night

Swap your expensive night out that include buying new clothes, hiring taxis, buying drink and eating out for a movie night at home with friends. Start a movie club among your friends and take it in turns to host an epic night in. A multipack of pizzas and microwave popcorn won’t break the bank. It will be as equally enjoyable if not more so than a night out, as you can spend quality time with your friends without the need to shout louder than the bar/club music. An alternative idea is to host a games night.
Save Money to travel by staying in

6) Caffeine Detox!

If you are a hard-core coffee drinker this could be tough. Tell yourself “stop giving my hard-earned money to wealthy coffee chains.” A takeaway coffee can cost between $3- $6 if you only drink one every work day, that’s between $780 and $1560 a year. That’s huge!! Wouldn’t you rather have a lovely holiday or travel to a place on your bucket list? If you can’t stop drinking coffee completely invest in a reusable travel mug and brew yourself a coffee at home and take it to work, unless you get free drinks while you work.
Work your way through these suggestions and you could save hundreds of dollars within a few months. Then you can set sail, drive, fly or catch a train to your dream destination. Receive more great tips of saving money, with ‘Great Ways to Save Travel Money: Part II.’


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