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Great Ways to Save Travel Money: Part II


Are you heading on a travel adventure and in need of some advice on saving those last few hundreds? Then, you are in the right place. Last week, I published an article ‘Great Ways to Save Travel Money: Part 1.‘ Read the major ways to cut costs and save your hard-earned money. This article continues with some additional steps you can take to reach your travel saving goal.

Find a room mate

You can easily make a few hundred dollars each month by renting out a spare room or even your couch. Advertise on reputable sites and ask around. Maybe a friend of a friend is looking for somewhere to live?
If you don’t have a spare room don’t worry there is a solution for you. Stay at a parent’s house or reliable friend for a Saturday night and rent your own bedroom for the weekend. Make sure they live closer by because you are walking, as per the number ?? advice from ‘How to save money for your next travel adventure’. You could earn a few $$, every time and they will soon add up. If you rented your room for $30 and slept at a friend’s house 10 times, you will make $300. Not bad!

Sell what you don’t need

Search your house or room and if you haven’t worn it or used it in the last month, sell it! This could give you $100-$1000 to add to your travel fund. That’s a huge chunk! Maybe that will fund your return flights or at the very least one way. The list of items to sell is endless. Some examples include, textbooks, DVDs, clothes electronics and homemade items.

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Goodbye TV

Cancel your cable immediately. Start reading about your travel destinations, study to learn a new language ready for your travels and re-watch your DVD collection, before selling them. There are so many things to do other than paying high prices to watch tv.

Reward credit cards

Are you sensible with money? Because this option is not for shopaholics or money wasters. Sign up for a credit card that offers rewards aimed at travelling, like air miles or cashback. Use it only for your monthly outgoings and never exceed what you can afford, and always pay the full amount every month. Never pay a company to use a credit card.

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Join a cashback website

If you really must buy something, always do it online in order to receive cashback. The important rule when buying anything is to ask yourself do I really need it? If the answer is no, but I want it, don’t buy it. If the answer is yes and it’s the cheapest price you can find, after searching at least 3 stores, then buy it. Purchase all your travel necessities in advance, to avoid last minute expenditure, which is always more expensive.
For UK purchases like flights, hotels, insurance and shopping, check out TopCashback.

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Do you have free time?

Get a second job or a side hustle. Work in your local bar or supermarket where you get a staff discount. Alternatively, if you have a skill like writing, designing or proofreading, join a website like Fiverr and freelance. $5 here and there will tally up pretty quickly.

Enjoy your kitchen

Swap going to a restaurant with a home cooked lunch and dinner. If you need motivation get a second-hand cook book (via the cashback website, of course) and work your way through the recipes. You will save money, learn a new skill and explore your culinary tastes. Just remember to cook enough for both lunch and dinner.

Money Pot

The easiest and least beneficial way to save money is a penny pot. In your hallway, living room mantel piece or in your bedroom put a dedicated money pot. At the end of each day put all your loose change into it and don’t touch them again. The coin(s) that you collect can be your choice but make it a daily routine. Collect copper coins, or quarters, or a collection of coins lower than 50 cents or pence, depending on your country of residence. Either way keep the routine, within a few months you could be saving enough for your airport transfer.

Happy Saving. Happy Travels.

Make a note of the methods that will help you the most and get started today. Good luck and happy saving. If you have any more tips, please share them below in the comments section.
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