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Do you have these 3 bad habits on a plane?


Travelling is such a great experience and hopefully everyone at some point in their life will be able to select a destination to fully explore without the responsibilities and stress of modern day life. While it is an invaluable experience it can also have a few downsides. For example, flying. As the plane increases it alternate I find my patience level decrease. Or maybe it’s that other people’s etiquette and awareness of others decreases. I will let you decide.
The longest flight I ever took was from London Heathrow to Auckland in New Zealand, via Los Angeles. The first 5442-miles took just over 11 hours. Throughout the flight my excitement level remained high. I knew when I was going to sleep. I decided which films I wanted to watch and I had my New Zealand Travel Guide in hand to plan my first week in the “Land of the long white cloud.”
Unfortunately, my second flight was the polar opposite or rather the flight from hell. The flight time form L.A. to Auckland was just over 13 hours. Here are the reasons why it was the worst flight of my life. I encourage you to share your nightmare flight experiences and let me know if I do suffer from in-flight impatience or I had a rational response to these situations.

Foot Etiquette

The person sat to my right was a thirtysomething woman. She was well dressed and really friendly. We introduced ourselves and did the general chitchat so that you feel less alone and safer on a long flight.
Everything was fine until about 5 hours in, when she decided to get extra comfy. She took off she shoes, then her socks. Some people don’t’ like feet so this might be a big no-no. But I didn’t really care. The problem for me was that her feet were incredibly smelly. Was I right to be horrified by this action? Do you like to take your socks off on a flight?
I thought it was gross, especially as we were going to be eating soon. My advice would be, definitely relax without your shoes on, but please keep your socks on!
Footwear on a plane

Keep it down

A middle-aged man was sat the other side of me. He didn’t say a word the whole flight. When I joined the plane, he was already in his window seat, listening to something on his headphones. Before departure, when it everyone was taking their seats, I couldn’t tell what he was listening to but he was nodding away.
When the plane went into night time mode, the lights were switched off and people began to fall asleep. Not me! During this quiet, peaceful time he deemed it appropriate to turn up the headphones volume to the max. For about 2.5 hours I overheard a special agent (Channing Tatum) trying to save the US President (Jamie Foxx) from an attack on the White House. I later found out the film was White House Down. Have you seen it?
Surely, a major flight etiquette is to be respectful of the passengers around you, with regards to sound.
Do you wear headphones on a plane?

Take care with where you put your hands

The row behind also caused me discomfort mainly in the form of kneeing my seat and pulling my hair. I can appreciate that everyone needs the toilet a few times during a 13 hour flight. But there is no need to do it in such a fashion that you violently grab the seat head in front of you.
It might be worth mentioning that I am 5 foot 8 (174cm). I am not a giant by any stretch of the imagination but I do have to squeeze myself into airplane seats. However, if you see somebodies head mere centimetres away from your hand, wouldn’t you be gentle with its placement? My hair got caught and pulled a few times before I became more away of movement behind me. Are you a hair puller or a hair pulled victim? Share your experiences below.
The next time you go to the bathroom on a plane please be aware of people heads and hair.
On board a plane
While these three factors may seem quite small, when they are repeatedly happening and when you are tired they feel huge. So what do you think? Do I suffer from impatience on planes? How would you react to these incidents? What is your biggest pet peeve from your fellow passengers?


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