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Treat your Mum this Mother’s Day!


Where would you be without the lady that gave birth to you? Nowhere! Each Mum shows unconditional love 365 days a year. If you don’t show it back with the same intensity, make Mother’s Day a special day for this incredible woman.
Not only do mums grow us and give us our entry into the World, they constantly take care of us and teach us how to be the best version of ourselves. If you are also a mum then you 100% understand what an important job this is. So, what are you waiting for? Read this article for inspiration on the amazing places that you can take your mum this Mother’s Day.
Be good to your Mum

Hard Working Mum

First of all, if your mother is a machine then she deserves a rest and it’s up to you to give it to her. Many mums will keep going because they are strong and faithful to the family, so why not treat her to a relaxing weekend in a quiet and peaceful natural place, where she is the priority.
A spa weekend together in a country retreat would be perfect! Book a hotel with spa treatments in house, relax during the day with massages and a swim in the pool. Check out some local restaurants to guarantee a delicious dinner or order room service. Finish the evening with a trip to the cinema or watch your mums favourite film on your laptop. All hotel televisions have HDMI capability, just remember the cable. If your mum prefers to read, then give her space to dive into her book.

Shopaholic Mum

A weekend shopping trip to New York City, will certainly please your mum. The NYC airports service many international cities directly. While it can be a bit pricey, combine Mother’s Day with her birthday. Isn’t she worth it?!
The most famous shopping areas in ‘the city that never sleeps’ are 5th Avenue, SoHo, Herald Square and the Garment District. The Manhattan Mall on sixth avenue and 33rd Street, is where all the typical high street stores are located. Herald Square is the home of one of the largest department stores in the World, Macy’s. Whereas, SoHo is a modern trendy area that has fashionable boutiques and unique independent stores. 5th Avenue is the jackpot for shopping as it is littered with clothing brands of all kinds – discount stores, affordable high street fashion and designer labels. For example, Zara, H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch, Gucci and Prada. Don’t forget to carry your mums bags, it is Mother’s Day, after all.

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Sporty Mum

What kind of sports does your mum like to do or watch? Search for an event related to her favourite sport in a city that she has never visited. Together, explore the city and create your own adventure, then participate or watch an exciting sporting event. Clap and cheer until your hands are sore. Examples include running a 10km race in London, watch a baseball game at Fenway Park or visit a yoga retreat, if that’s what she would prefer.
Alternatively, give her a new challenge! Take her to Portugal for a surfing camp. Many of them include yoga classes and promote healthy living. Imagine the giggles you will have together as you try to master standing up on a surf board.

Disney or Adrenaline Mum

Depending on where you live turn Mother’s Day into a Disney/adrenaline explosion. Book those tickets for a weekend at a rollercoaster amusement park, like Disney World Florida or California. Inject some additional fun and humour by dressing up as your favourite characters. Queue together, scream together and laugh together.
I grew up in England and I took my mum to Euro Disney for a surprise long weekend.  Located outside of Paris, France, we caught direct flights and stayed in a cosy hotel that had a free 20-minute shuttle bus ride to the park. For one day I dressed as Alice in Wonderland and she was Minnie Mouse.

Outdoor Mum

Is there a hiking trail that she has always wanted to do? San Francisco has a challenging hike of 7+ miles and it offers some of the most spectacular views ever seen. The Dipsea Trail starts in the charming town of Mill Valley and ends on the sandy Stinson Beach. Along the way you can reminisce about your childhood and what your mum was like before she had you. Walking this trail will not only create amazing memories but the photos will be phenomenal as you capture the redwood tree of Muir Woods, the San Francisco skyline and giant Golden Gate Bridge.
If she is more of an outdoor water mum, then how about chartering a boat and sailing on the open seas. Choose a place that has beautiful clear blue oceans like the Greek Islands and the Spanish Balearic Islands.

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In conclusion, its safe to say the everyone is different, but your mum will hopefully enjoy at least one of these suggestions and if not I hope it inspires you. At the end of the day she will be happy to spend quality time with you and everything else is a bonus. That’s why you have to go above and beyond. Let me know about the travel presents you have given your mum for Mother’s Day, maybe I will use them for my mum.


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