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Hostel versus Hotel Debate


So I had this vacation that had to last for a whole week and I surely would miss home. But I had to go. Just as you would expect, a question came to my mind ‘where will I stay?’ And I had a lot of options running up in my head. In a hotel? Or maybe a hostel? Or just in an Airbnb? No! That last option was a big no. I didn’t have a group. So I was confused for a while but I had to find a solution. That is when a severe debate between staying in a hostel or a hotel started deep in my head. And this meant an intense and deep analysis of each one them. Firstly, being that choosy and naughty girl as you already know me, I had to make a really wise decision after considering many factors. I did not want to miss my normal life even for a second. So here I tell you how I settled to stay in a hostel rather than in a hotel. I had some few aspects of comparison between a hotel and a hostel. They are; cost, privacy and my social life, of course. When it came to cost, some quick research had amazed me. I mean, most hotels were so expensive. Okay, expensive to me. So to me, that was a big no. I like paying a fair price. Everyone does anyway. On the other hand, the hostel was the real deal. These things are relatively cheap. They are for everyone if the price is something to put in consideration.
The next thing that I really put into consideration was privacy. We all know I love privacy. But affordable privacy to be precise. Here, the hotel appeared to win. A hotel provides the utmost privacy. You have your own bathroom, the room is private and guess what? You can even have a private staff to serve you. But you have to dig deeper in your pocket. So I did not have so much on privacy, although being a girl sometimes one needs privacy especially when it’s that time of the month, you know. Luckily, I wasn’t a victim of that duration. On the other hand, the hostel has limited privacy since most of the amenities are made in such a way that they will be socially utilizable. However, that did not hinder me from choosing hostel over the hotel, and below is why.
The next – and my most important consideration factor, was the issue of sociability. I love meeting new people and making new friends out of that. I also like partying. You already know that. This is the important aspect of the social girl I am. So, I couldn’t imagine staying holed up alone in a hotel room for a whole one week! To me, that could have been the worst experience, and that’s how I ended up avoiding the hotel. In a hostel, amenities are common, for example, you get to share the dining room. I took advantage of this and made some new friends. I will tell you about this later. I’d choose a hostel over the hotel any day any time.

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