Types of Food in Greenland


In this article, you will find different foods traditionally made in Greenland.
The first food is crowberry. Crowberry is vegan friendly and is the taste of late summer. You can eat it as marmalade and even cheesecake. You can find crowberries everywhere in late August.
This second food may be a little hard to eat at first, but I bet you will love it. It is reindeer. Reindeer steak is very tender and flavorful and will not leave you hungry after the meal. Everyday, lots of Greenlandic men, women and even kids go out to hunt reindeer.
Another food that you will love is lamb. When you bite into it’s juicy meat, in my opinion best with rosemary and thyme, it is basically heaven for your mouth.
The third food on this list is salmon. Salmon is the best only in Greenland. It’s the most delicious as a steak or filet. It isn’t everyday where you can find a Greenlandic salmon at the market, so if you see one, you should grab it before anyone else does.
The fourth food is angelica. Pickoff a wild stalk of this pleasure and put it into a cup of water, straw style. It might be the most refreshing day of your life. Chefs do it fancy by dicing it and even pickling the vegetable.
The fifth food on this list may be the most calming, the suaasat. This food is the Greenlandic national soup commonly made with seal meat but can also be made with whale or reindeer. The soup also contains potatoes and onions. The soup is also commonly thickened with rice or putting barley in the water for a couple hours so that the soup will have much more flavor.
The sixth food are most of the common plants such as blueberries which are harvested in the autumn, commonly garnish cakes and a lot of other desserts. Berry can also accompany meat dishes. Seaweed is also a popular food but it is only eaten in the winter season. Vegetables like roseroot and fireweed leaves are gathered.
So after this article maybe you will travel to Greenland in your next trip?

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