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The Psychology of Traveling


Imagine getting all excited packing and reading everything online about the country you are traveling. Just imagine the passion of learning about a new culture and tasting new types of food. Activities that you will never experience at your home, you will surely experience in another country. It’s crazy that you are going to jet off really soon, and you can’t stop, but smile and constantly giggle as you call your travel partner. Then your friend called and said she is too scared to travel. What if she gets kidnap, what if she gets lost, and all this what if. Another friend of yours is just as crazy excited as you are, but he is too fixated on photography and going to beautiful landscape to showcase his travels. So now that makes you wonder, why is everyone so different when it comes to traveling. Isn’t traveling all about the adventures, why are there other motives? Well in this post, I will be discussing the psychology of different types of travelers:
1) The Excited traveler:
This is the person who has been working long hours and yearning for an adventure. He or she is passionate about learning about a new culture and tasting new food. The psychology is an escape from everyday stressful life to be somewhere and someone. The best solution for this individual is to have an organized list of everything he or she wants to visit or try out. That way, they don’t miss a thing and go home with any regrets.
2) The fearful traveler:
He or she knows that traveling is a must for everyone. Unfortunately, this fearful individual is paranoid about everything. It’s the fear of losing control and getting into the unexpected and unfamiliar territory that brings insecurity to him or her. It’s constant fear of getting lost, kidnapped, and mugged. I advise that this type of traveler travel with a friend and a travel guide. That way, he or she will not be alone and will know what to expect. The travel guide will provide an organized itinerary and advise on safety during the trip. This will provide a safe of mind for this type of individual.
3) The social media traveler
It is true that social media has taken over our lives. We seek validation through the number of pictures we post. Vacations and travels are an opportunity to take pictures to show the world that we are well-rounded individuals with a grand life. I recommend that this individual travel with his or her photographer. If you are going to showcase pictures from your travel experience, an iPhone snap will do it no justice.

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