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Seattle Gum Wall: Artsy? Sure. But Yuck!


If you are a tourist that comes to the city of Seattle, chances are you are gonna want to look around and see what it’s like being in the city. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of exploration, making sure you visit each famous destination. However, what if the destination we’re talking about here is a destination that’s a little. Well. Gross?

Let’s Talk About Seattle Gum Wall

What is Seattle Gum Wall you asked? Well, it’s exactly what the name explained. It’s a wall. Covered with gums. Chewed, used gums that are being stuck on the wall by tourists. This strange and yet famous tourist destination has been around for many many years, and I think there is something you need to know before deciding to visit this place.

Seattle gum wall is located in the Pike Marketplace Seattle

If you haven’t heard it already, Seattle gum wall is placed in between areas of Pike Marketplace Seattle. This market is awesome, as it provides so many food corners and good attraction for you as a tourist. With its many fascinating and (not all but many) organic foods, you can find tons of stuff to be put on your grocery lists. These things include chocolates, cheese (there is a huge dedicated area for the making of cheese), coffee, tea, spices, meats, fishes, different kinds of nuts, and various choices of wines. You can find so many restaurants that will make your day! (Of course, you can also find Seattle gum wall in here).

Seattle gum wall has a quite fascinating history

Has been gumming since the 90s, Seattle gum wall history began with the tradition of people that are waiting for the show for nearby productions. These people stuck their chewing gums to the wall, and it has never been cleaned since. This then produces this particular gum wall, which now is about 50 ft long walls covered in chewing gums. (The are is being cleaned about once in the year of 2015, but now it’s getting sticky again!)

It’s a symbol of creativity and expressivity

I know that this place is the worst nightmare for those of you who have germaphobia. But maybe just maybe, this place isn’t so bad for you guys who are creative and like all kinds of art expressions. Well, the truth is, even if this gum wall has been rated as the 2nd germiest tourist attraction in 2009, the place still has lots of tourists visiting it each day. That tells me that a lot of people might actually like it and wants to spend time in the place, maybe just enjoying a different kind of color variation there
If you have read all of my descriptions (and warning!!) about this place and you still wanna go, bravo to you! I bet you are a real adventurer that just wants to live your life to the fullest. Maybe you wanna see what it feels like being surrounded by chewed gums all around you, or maybe you just wanna take some good Instagram pictures to prove your guts to your followers. Or maybe you wanna do something crazy there, like proposing your girlfriend (Yes, there are proposals being done in this particular area, using gums). Whatever your intention is, I wish you luck and excitement while you are going there. You can find the place in the Pike Marketplace by the address of 1428 Post Alley, Seattle.
But hear me out, one REAL important last message for me to you is: Don’t forget to bring a hand sanitizer!

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