Interesting Customs Around The World


Customs and traditions are the activities practiced by people who belong to a particular culture, country or religion. These activities become part of their lives and at times become the identity of their culture. Funny thing is customs of one culture are bizarre to others, strange to some, but for me, they are all interesting. Without being judgemental let’s explore these interesting customs around the world. You will love the last one.

The Satara Mawe are supposed to place their hands in a basket full of bullet ants. Aaw! Bullet ants are believed to have the most painful sting in the world. So much to prove your bravery and courage! Thank God! I am from California! If you are 25, Single and love Cinnamon, I suggest you to visit Denmark. People in Denmark especially friends throw cinnamon on Singles who are 25. God save you if you are 30, start loving pepper. Don’t think getting married will save you from all that. If you are planning to marry a German national, you should know this. Couples, their families, close friends and relatives meet before the wedding and then they are requested to break dinner wares, flower vases (except the glass ones). Once finished breaking, the couple is supposed to clean up all that. This actually signifies the importance of being united in hardships. I think it is to show the couple what is to come after marriage. What do you think?

Talking about attending dinner, don’t ask for salt if you are ever invited to an Egyptian household. Adding more salt to your dish is considered insulting to the host. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find the salt shaker in an Egyptian restaurant. I literally had to push down that Falafel. Time is the essence but not in Venezuela. Being eager and greedy are the synonyms for punctuality. I would set back the time on my watch or phones 15 mins back as soon as I land in Venezuela. Although I am greedy, I just don’t want to give it away so easily. Another custom to check out are the Czech Republic in smacking women. Come Easter Monday, men arm themselves with braided willow branches called ‘pomlázka’ and go from house to house lightly whipping the women for fertility. Seriously! I want to instill some fertility too.

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