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Backpack Vs. Suitcase


After working for months, I finally decided to take a vacation. I was planning for a four days trip, and I got stuck at one stage to choose between a backpack and a suitcase. Though I am from this 21st century, I still like carrying luxury looking suitcase but is it necessary?
Backpack: With the help of backpack, it is really easy to pack things up quickly and also it will help you to carry a lot of things. But imagine you fell down with your heavy backpack. Can you get up? lol, you definitely need some help. Let’s find out the pros and cons Advantages of a Backpack:
1. Backpacks are easy to carry, and it can fit a lot of things when you plan it well to organize.
2. If I am planning to go for a trekking during my travel, a large backpack can help me with a lot of pockets and also I can keep one more pair of shoes and other stuff without any hassle.
3. With a backpack, you don’t want to lift it with your bare hands like a suitcase while climbing stairs (so true, right)
4. A good backpack can bare a beating, and they are more than fine in an airplane.
5. It is very easy to monitor your backpack since it always there on your back. (lol) Disadvantages of a Backpack:
1. Although backpack got its pros, there are few cons which you should consider. The larger the backpack, the hefty the price is. If you are okay to compromise the quality, you can go for a cheaper one. 2. The hassle part is you cannot lock your backpack. WIth a lot of small pockets, you will find it hard to monitor them. 3. You can be the strongest man on earth, but still, you cannot carry that hefty backpack which has tons of stuff with it. 4. The art of rolling clothes – you should be a master when it comes to folding your clothes else it will never work for you.
Suitcase: Are you planning to go for a wedding or a going home after a long time? The suitcase is the best preference for you. Why? Let me dust it for you. Advantages of Suitcase
1. You don’t want to sweat and carry that huge backpack around with you all the time. Yes, when you have a suitcase with you, then “let it roll,” “let it roll” (frozen if you don’t recognize). It is that simple, all you have to do is just drag them, and it will follow you wherever you go.
2. At times you may be very bad in packing like me. Rolling your clothes one by one and with the suitcase, you can just dump it and take it out.
3. Most of the suitcases especially the hard shell ones are waterproof, and you don’t want to worry about wetting your clothes.
4. With the suitcase, you can easily separate the dirty and the good clothes and organize it really well.
5. You can keep your suitcase always secured. Lock them and just don’t forget the code
Sometimes, Suitcases are not the best option. Let me tell you why?
Disadvantages of Suitcase:
1. Suitcases are a really bad companion in crowded places like an airport. I have a guy tripped and fell down and broke his teeth. (don’t laugh) 2. Even the shell typed suitcases are easy to break which is not good at times. 3. Even though you can wheel around with the suitcase, it is a hurdle when you are walking in the dirt, rugged road or cobblestones. 4. A good suitcase will definitely cost you much but it last longer and a cheaper one may ruin your vacation
It is all up to you to choose between the backpack and the suitcase. Both has its own pros and cons but you can never go for trekking with a suitcase, and you can never go for a wedding with the backpack.

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