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6 Best Travel Bucket list Ideas


If you are traveling kind of a person, then you will agree with me that setting-up travel resolutions is one of the most exciting experience. It gives me goosebumps. Literally. In recent times I have realized that people prepare their bucket lists based on the most visited places in the world. I find this boring as you may end up in some overcrowded cities. For this reason, Eiffel tower is not on my list but I promise you the best, thrilling and uncommon travel ideas that you will never regret about.
1.Madagascar; No, it has nothing to do with the penguins. The fourth largest island the world is a breathtaking destination for animal lovers, wildlife in Madagascar is rare to find anywhere else in the world, and from June to October, Humpback whales are seen in the coast. Fascinating, right?
2. Kenya Safari.
The best part of this Kenyan deal is the fact that the climate there is temperate, meaning you can visit any time of the year. Maasai Mara is my personal favorite as you can see different kind of animals in one reserve. Animals here include Zebras, lions, giraffes and many more. The culture of Maasai people around the area is another adventure by its self.
3. The northern lights.
This miraculous glow on the sky has been in my bucket list since I was 10. Mostly seen from the Arctic region, the Aurora phenomenon should be every traveler’s dream.
4. Cebu beaches.
Beaches in the Philippines particularly in Cebu can blow your mind away. The seashores with white sand and super clear water is a turn on. You can get busy with activities like scuba diving, swimming and skim boarding.
5. Burj Al Arab.
This luxurious hotel is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It might be a little bit expensive compared to other hotels but it’s worth every dime, and while at it you can enjoy dusk in the deserts of Dubai and ride a yacht.
6.Jaipur in India.
Did you know that Jaipur, also known as the pink city is one of the most beautiful places in the world? Well, now you know and you should consider adding it to your bucket list.

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