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A Traveller’s Guide to Larnaca, Cyprus


If you’re thinking of traveling to Larnaca, Cyprus, take more days for this holiday as you will need. With colonial buildings, narrow streets, Islamic complex, pink flamingoes, spectacular beaches and an old vibe, Larnaca is a must-see destination in the Mediterranean Sea.

Admire flamingoes at the Larnaca Salt Lake

The Larnaca Salt Lake is one of the famous attractions in Larnaca, having a depth of 1 meter during the winter and 3 meters during the summer and stretching over an area of 15.85 kilometers square. It’s a picturesque destination, where tourists are attracted to mainly admire one of the most spectacular and famous birds, namely pink Flamingoes.

Walk around the lake on the specially designed paths until you reach one of the most famous Islamic spiritual complexes, named the Hala Sultan Tekke. Surround the mosque and mausoleum to get an overview of the district’s history. One tip is to fill your backpack with many goodies and snacks because you will not find shops in the area.
The Larnaca Salt Lake is a photogenic attraction, making pictures with the religious complex on the water background of salt being the rule of any tourist. For a clearer view of birds, I recommend you to take binoculars.

Visit Hala Sultan Tekke

The Sultan Tekke Hall is a holy building located on the shore of the Larnaca Salt Lake, in the immediate vicinity of the Larnaca International Airport. The complex consists of a mosque, a mausoleum, and a cemetery. Explore the surroundings to find the legends of this place.
One of them says Sultan Tekke Hall was raised above the place where Umm Haram, the adoptive mother of Muhammad, died after being attacked by the Byzantine army. Despite the religiosity of the complex, visiting is allowed to any person.

Relax at the Europe Square

The Europe Square is for sure the most famous square in Larnaca due to its old buildings aligned in an artistic way that dates back to the 18th century. Situated near the coast of Larnaca, the square is an intermediary place between the city crowd and the vibrant sound of the sea waves. Besides being an attraction, the square is an important meeting point too.
Take a selfie near the colonial buildings with their identical but interesting facades, ask about the past of this area and about the time when it was under the British supervision, explore the surroundings, and when you feel it’s time for a break, choose one of the surrounding cafes and taste the local products.

Swim at Finikoudes Beach

With palm trees, long promenades, and the Mediterranean Sea, Finikoudes Beach is the first place to go to bronze and swim at. The beach is popular due to its clear water, sand and the location itself. Take your favorite book, rent a sunbed and take advantages of the Mediterranean air. Due to the geographical location, both summers and winters are favorable for swimming. For those who travel with children, note that swimming at Finikoudes Beach is safe because its depth increases from a longer distance.

Larnaca is a coastal city that offers a wide range of activities to do and attraction to see. Don’t miss the Larnaca Salt Lake, the flamingoes, the mausoleum, the colonial square and the beaches.


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