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Prague: Escaping from the Tourist Agglomeration


Prague is about colors, medieval architecture, castles, chic and vintage ambiance, čajovnas and a lot of frothy beer. The capital of the Czech Republic is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Each year there are many more tourists traveling to Prague. In 2018, 100 years have passed since Czechoslovakia was established. What does this mean? Social events, multiple trips, more interested tourists, and more agglomeration.
Even so, don’t forget that many tourist attractions aren’t located in the historical city center, but a little further. Wake up in the morning and create for yourself the most amazing experience in this city.

Explore the Prague’s districts

The city center is a real hub of agglomeration. That’s why I recommend to escape from this area and explore the peripheral districts. Holešovice could be the greatest destination. This district has grown significantly over the past few years, becoming a “bona fide hipster hub“. From a famous destination in the past as a cluster of factories, it has turned into an artistic space with chic cafes such as Vnitroblock or Paralen Polis, the only one to accept Bitcoin as payments, as well as some art centers and galleries dedicated to cinematography.

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If you don’t want to neglect the central area, I recommend you to do it in the morning. It’s the perfect time to take a picture of your favorite tourist attraction without being disturbed by strangers. But in the afternoon, spend your time in the outlying streets, forgotten by tourists, find a chic restaurant and take the lunch, after what you can end the evening at the theater.
Even so, in order to get away from the noise of the cars, take a stroll to the Stromovka Park or go up to the Letná Park for a panoramic view of the city.

Discover the most bizarre sculptures

The art master David Černý is recognized worldwide for his unusual and eccentric sculptures. He was born in Prague but has obtained an international reputation due to his art style and imagination. Among the most popular sculptures, we find Babies and Horse, while among the least known we identify Piss, Hanging Out and Franz Kafka’s Head (a giant sculpture made up of 42 metal layers).

Enjoy your tea in a Čajovna

Tourists describe Prague as one of the best frothy beer provider in Europe, while locals based in Prague will tell more about the ideal taste of tea. In Prague, you will find numerous tea shops outside the tourist agglomeration areas, usually located on narrow and underground streets.
Among the most refined čajovnas, we find Čajovna Na Cestě, an Arabic-based tea shop that sells the greatest masala chai; A Maze in Tchaiovna, a relaxing space designed in the shape of a labyrinth; and Tea Room Banyan, a chic place that provides shisha.

Prague is an exceptional city, emitting a medieval ambiance. Remember that you can always escape from crowded tourist areas and discover another personality of the city.


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