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Which New York City Neighbourhood Is Best For You?


New York City is by far the most popular tourist destination in the USA. While it’s not my favourite city in the country, it is the place I have visited the most, with 11 visits. Its popularity lies in the multiple interesting and ever-growing list of tourist attractions, experiences and shows. Plus, the city opens its gates for many to enter via affordable direct flights.
They are more than 200 neighbourhoods within the 5 famous boroughs of New York City. But I am going to discuss the 5 neighbourhoods that I have stayed in.
Please share your experiences in the Big Apple below, especially if you have stayed in different neighbourhoods.

Brooklyn: A backpack’s dream!

A subway ride away from the bright lights of Manhattan is Brooklyn. It’s cheap(er) and cheerful. Brooklyn has many exciting activities to do to mix up your American stay with the busy famous city and local life. For example, the Brooklyn Museum, a theme park and beach at Coney Island and Prospect Park. Another great thing about this neighbourhood is that is has spectacular skyline views of the “City that never sleeps.”
Don’t worry about getting into Manhattan because the most amazing thing about NYC is the transport links, it is organised really well.
Brooklyn New York City

Meatpacking District: Great for Night Owls

For all the Sex and the City fans reading, this is where Samantha lived. The Meatpacking District has drastically changed over the decades. As the name suggests it was once an industrial area filled with meat warehouses. But nowadays, it’s a trendy and fashionable place, with many restaurants and bars. If you are looking for exciting nightlife this may suit your needs.
The meatpacking district is on the far west side of the city. The hip atmosphere on the streets has resulted in boutiques not commercial hotel chains. The High Line, a new-ish urban park built on railroads, is located nearby as is The Whitney Museum of American Art and Chelsea Market, all are worth visiting.
High Line, Meatpacking District, New York City

The Upper East Side: Great If You Are wealthy

This is an affluent area, which many millennials will associate with the tv show Gossip Girl. It is located within the borough of Manhattan, between the East River and Central Park. Due to its location it is ideal for high end fashion shoppers and museum buffs because it is right next to Museum Mile and Madison Avenue, a major shopping district. If you visit between late spring and early Autumn then its perfect for accessing Central Park to take a stroll, a swim in one of the many public pools or sunbathe on the lawn. Plus, they have plays and a zoo.
If you have the money to spend then this is the place for you. Hotels range from $700 per night. Luckily, for me I have a friend that lives in the area. But if its not within your budget take an afternoon to visit because every block is beautiful.
Central Park, NYC

SoHo: Perfect For Hard-Core Tourists

SoHo shouts artsy style from its cobbled Lower Manhattan streets. This is a great place to stay if you’re an artistic because it has many inspiring art galleries to admire. SoHo has good access to the top southern attractions like The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. It also neighbours the tastiest region, Chinatown. The gorgeous Washington State Park and New York University are also close by and are great for resting your legs and people watching.
New York City, SoHo

Morningside Heights – Feel Like A Local

My favourite location, Morningside Heights, is the area on the North East corner of Central Park, it’s primarily a residential area. So, hotels are hard to come by, but other forms of accommodation are available like Air BnB. My friends live here, which is why I stay here. Morningside Heights is adorable and a good way to feel like a local. It has great transport links to the city centre, its walking distance to Harlem, Central Park and Columbia University.
New York City
Have you ever stayed on Staten Island? I would love to hear about it, as I am wanting to stay their next time. The idea of catching the ferry to get to the city sounds so romantic to me and exploring a lesser known part of this wonderful city would be an adventure.
I hope you find this article informative a helpful and it helps to narrow down where you will stay the next time you visit New York City. When you fly to ‘The Big Apple’ please be considerate of your fellow passengers. Try not to do these 3 annoying bad habits when you fly.


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