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Experience Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in London


London is one of the most visited capitals in Europe, but only few of you know the city as you’ll read about it below. Forget about the London Eye, the Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace, spectacular buildings, chic and luxurious restaurants and come with me in a unique adventure. Let me introduce another world of the gorgeous city named London.
Forget the tourist clusters in the heart of the city and go for a walk in the underground world. Being a touristic city, you will want to tick as many as “must-see” places. After you finish the list, I propose a new one.

Experience the kayak ride on the Thames

Yes, you can go kayaking on the Thames River. This adventure is organized by Secret Adventures, whose motto is “we like water, we love fire and we like to explore“. If you choose to go on a ride in the evening, you will understand what the service provider meant. Sunset show, water, and adventure- the most meaningful notions for such an experience.
The route starts from the beach at Vauxhall Bridge Road and continues up to Greenwich. London offers numerous opportunities to admire the beauty of tourist attractions, such as the Houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge, but none of them compares to a walk on the Thames.

Discover the House of Dreams

Discover another world of the British city. Visiting the House of Dreams means that you’re ready for a lot of color, kitsch, and extravagance.
The art works of the master Stephen Wright are exposed through an impressive collection of plastic dolls, Christmas tree decorations, vinyl plates, and bottles. It will be difficult to find an untouched centimeter in the artist’s Victorian East Dulwich home.
The House of Dreams can be visited on certain days, that’s why you should check availability in advance.

Spend a night with the lions

Is there someone who loves adrenaline? This one is a “dangerous” and unusual experience. Starting May 2016, the London Zoo has offered tourists a new way to experience the wildlife.
The Gir Lion Lodge offers visitors the chance to spend a night with the lions. It includes 9 cabins equipped with sleeping furniture and positioned just a few steps away from the Asiatic lion’s area.
Sleeping and waking up near big cats is no longer a problem.

Get lost in mysterious tunnels

London hosts a total of 33 bridges linking the Thames River. The foot tunnels I recommend are Greenwich and Woolwich. These are covered bridges designed exclusively for pedestrians. Built from cylindrical brick, the purpose of their construction was to facilitate access to the northern area of London for those living in the south of the Thames River.
The tunnels have been used by pedestrians since the 20th century.

Did you know you can do this in London? A touristic city with a rich history and an amazing present, but at the same time a mysterious destination – is definitely a peremptory description of this destination named London.


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