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Tips for Traveling to Japan From a First-Timer


Traveling to Japan for the first time is quite intriguing. Packing the luggage, choosing the perfect itinerary and transport seem to be the most important activities before the departure. But, you should know some things once arriving in Japan. Below, I have selected five useful tips for those who travel for the first time in Japan.

Get a Japan Rail Pass

With just 290 euros, you have the access to all the country’s train lines for seven days. The Japan Rail Pass is only available for foreign tourists. So, if your itinerary includes other destinations besides the capital of Japan, do not forget to take a JR Pass.
The Japan Rail Pass means that you will have one ticket that allows to travel around Japan, you will travel on the high-speed bullet trains. You have the option to make a reservation in advance and it is a great opportunity to save some money for other stuff.

It’s better to have cash with you

In Japan you should expect that known companies as McDonald’s do not accept credit cards. The country is an adept of cash. Many stores do not have technological equipment to accept cards.
Of course, there are ATMs where you can cash out.

Learn the Japanese language

Japanese language is not an easy one for foreigners. If you arrive in the country, try to memorize at least one sentence in Japanese “Eigo o hanashimasu ka?” which means “Do you speak English?“. It will help you to find a person who knows a foreign frequently used language.
Usually, you will find those who speak English language near the train stations, the airport, but also in the surroundings of the top attractions.
Also, equip yourself with a dictionary or simply with a modern device that has translation services.

Take with you a soap and plastic bags

One negative aspect about Japan is that public toilets do not entirely fit with standard sanitary standards. Expect to have no soap for washing your hands, even if the toilets are high tech.
Also, Japan does not have many street garbage pits. Probably this measure began after a bomb was placed in a public trash can. You will find garbage bins especially in private spaces, such as shops and cafes. That’s why I advise you always to have plastic bags at your disposal.

Make sure you have a Wi-Fi hotspot

Once you arrive in Japan, make sure you buy a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can rent a pocket Wi-Fi, starting with 2 euros per day or buy a Japan SIM Card, which costs around 15 euros. Ask in mobile shops or airport for eConnect hotspot.
In this way, you will save some money and at the same time you will benefit from Wi-Fi services, such as international calls, GPS and access to internet in remote places like mountains.

I hope this article will help you in your getaway to Japan. These are just some of the things you should know about traveling for the first time there. Japan is a quite amazing country. You should totally visit it.


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