Ice cream in Italy


Since I was very little, I’ve had a sweet tooth. And ice cream as always been a favorite of mine. There’s just something about the creaminess and freshness of that dessert in particular that appeals to me. So, when my friend and I decided to travel to Europe I knew exactly where I wanted to end up, Italy was my first (and only) option. So, there I was, in the beautiful renaissance streets of Firenze in Italy with my friends and we decided it was sugar time. We walked into a small shop right at the end of a small street, and I was blown away by everything in there. The smells, the color, it was like walking inside of a movie, where everything is tailored to perfection. I had a strawberry and mango ice cream (weird combination, I know, but I liked it) but took the chance to taste some of my friends’ picks. It was just incredible! The softness of it, the gentle flavors, the cookie cone with a small hint of cinnamon, it was heaven in my mouth. And as I tasted each of my friend’s flavors, the uniqueness of It all dawned on me. it was unlike any other ice cream I’d tasted before or have tasted since. And you might say, well that does sound delicious, but what’s so interesting about it? Well, the answer is so simple that it might fool you. Not only the ice cream was colorful, the cones were as well! Can you imagine that? The entire ice cream was like a rainbow both in flavor and beauty. Since that experience on that hot afternoon, it has been almost insulting calling some other “things” out there ice cream. Nothing can compare. We went back to that same place every day during our stay there, I even think the workers started to recognize us, but they couldn’t memorize our preferences since we switched them up with every visit. When we finally had to leave, I’m pretty sure I had already tasted most of the flavours and colors available in that small corner of the world, but I give you my word, if I ever find myself anywhere near that place again (and I hope I will), I’ll be sure to pay a visit and taste them all again. I’ve been to lots of ice cream stores all over the world during my travels, but one thing is always true, nobody does it quite like the Italians!

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