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My friend's experience traveling with her dog


“You will have to leave Bobo here or even consider selling him because You obviously can’t travel with him.” My husband said after we had decided to relocate to France from Kenya. Bobo was my companion, friend, son and literary everything because my 10-year marriage had not brought forth any child. I could not come to terms with the idea of leaving him behind – there had to be away. I resorted to researching on ways I could travel out of the country with my dog. I found out that rules and regulations are specific to each country in the world, but most rules of the guest country and the country of origin were slightly similar.
First, Pet owners had to create a pet passport for their dog, Which is basically a combination of all the identification documents required for entering the country of destination. You also have to be well informed of the pet import rules and regulations. This is to make the travel safer and more enjoyable for your pet. As per the Kenyan law, my pet had to travel on a separate cargo plane. This was after I had obtained a health certificate five days to the travel date and a rabies certificate which stated the type of vaccine, an age of the dog during vaccination and date of vaccination. The vaccine had to be administered six months before travel. As per the Kennel Regulation Act, I bought a kennel fitted with fiberglass since metal or wooden shell were not allowed. However, dogs can be allowed to travel in the passenger’s cabin only if they are providing emotional support to persons with disability.
My dog’s plane departed 2 hours before mine, and on arrival in France, it had to be identified by a microchip that had been implanted in Kenya after the rabies test. The rabies vaccination and health certificate from the veteran were also checked. I also had to get a certificate from the captain of the cargo plane stating that my pet had not left the craft from the time of boarding to arrival and had been completely isolated from other animals. I thank God that Bobo was three years old because only dogs above 12 weeks old are allowed into France. After Meeting all the requirements, I was finally happy in France with my dog, and my husband hardly believed it. The only problem I had was to make Bobo adapt to his new environment.

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