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Top Must-see Places in Copenhagen


Are you asking yourself what to visit once you arrive in Copenhagen? This means that you are reading the right article. Let me introduce you the top attractions you must visit in the city. Make notes and don’t limit your time only to these ones.

The Frederick’s Church

It’s also known as The Marble Church. The Evangelical Church was completed in 1894 and embraces the rococo architecture style. The church boasts with the largest dome (31 m) in Scandinavia and was inspired by St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

The Amalienborg Palace

The palace is the home place of the Danish royal family. It was completed in 1760 and consists of four identical buildings. The spectacular elements inside the palace fits into the rococo architecture style.
It is located in front of the Frederick’s Church and hosted during its existence various king families. It’s a totally “must-see” attraction once you arrive in Copenhagen.
The ticket costs 95 DKK/adults, 80 DKK/groups and 65 DKK/students. Children under 17 years old have free admission.

The Copenhagen Opera House

The National Opera is renowned as the most modern opera house in the world and the most expensive ones in terms of the construction costs. It is located in front of the Amalienborg Palace, but on the parallel shore.
The construction started in 2001 and was finished in 2004. The Opera’s architecture style is known as neo-futurism. It is in subordination of the Royal Danish Theatre.
Groups have a 10% discount for their tickets. They can also order a guided tour at The Old Stage, at The Opera House or at The Royal Playhouse. The group ticket costs 2.300 DKK (up to 30 visitors).

The Little Mermaid Statue

It’s the most admired statue in Copenhagen. The Little Mermaid was created by Edvard Eriksen and placed at the Langelinie promenade. The sculpture’s idea was inspired from a fairy tale and represents a local icon.

The Rosenborg Castle

The construction was completed in 1624 and embraces a renaissance architecture. Until 1710, the castle was used as a residence for the royal families.
The tourists can visit the museum’s exhibition for 110 DDK/adults. Children under 17 years old have free admission. The collection includes royal artifacts that dates back to 16th– 19th centuries. It was officially opened to the public in 1838.

The Thorvaldsen Museum

It was built in the honor of the Danish neoclassicistic sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen, based on the public’s funds. The architecture was influenced by the antique Greek style.
The museum’s collection includes numerous artist’s works, like sculptures, paintings, drawings and prints.

Copenhagen is one of the most spectacular cities in Scandinavia. Do not miss to explore it and find new interesting places every day. You will be surprised by the multitude of rococo buildings. You can’t get bored of this city. Take your time and discover the city’s islands every time you have the opportunity. Enrich yourself culturally taking part of a show held at the most modern Opera House in the world.


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