Desserts from Bangkok Thailand


Thailand is an interesting destination especially for food fanatics like myself, what’s even more sublime is their desserts, which are commonly sweet hence the Thai name khanom which means a sweet snack. Below is a compiled list of 6 delicious treats you should try once you land in Bangkok Thailand.
1. Banana in coconut milk

This is a simple yet a delicious dessert made from ripe bananas and coconut milk. The bananas are cut into bite-sized thin pieces and mixed with the coconut milk in a bowl. To add more flavor cinnamon powder can be sprinkled on top of the dessert.
2. Thai bananas in sticky rice

If you are a vegetarian, this dessert is a must to try. Though it’s regarded as a dessert, it can also be served as a main dish. A half piece of banana is rolled and covered with Thai sticky rice, and if you prefer, it can be topped with some black beans.
3. Thai Roti

Thai roti is a traditional pancake it resembles a crepe though and it’s a widely accepted dessert in Bangkok, Thailand. It can be filled with a vast of options depending on your taste, including raisings, banana or coconut. It can also be topped with sweetened condensed milk or sugar.
4. Coconut ice cream

If you are anything like me, then an ice cream should be your favorite and what beats an ice cream full of coconut flavor? Though not as thick as the common ice creams in the stores and shops, this ice cream is delicious and a lot healthier. Get a slice of ripe mango on top and I promise you this dessert will be your treasure.
5. Pumpkin Custard

As simple as the name suggests, this dessert is a steamed pumpkin with custard filled in it. It can be served as a main course as well.
6. Thai sweet sticky rice with mango

Having saved the best for last, this dessert is made from glutinous rice, coconut milk, and fresh mango, this traditional dessert is mouthwatering. The rice is placed side by side with fresh sliced mango giving it a beautiful presentation. It happens to be among the most popular Thai desserts.
So there you have it, try and enjoy.

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