City Break in Thessaloniki: Places to Fall in Love With


Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece is characterized by rich culture and history, color, style and hidden backstreets. Discover this wonderful city and the capital of the Macedonian Greek region in a weekend. Below you will find the tourist attractions that you will definitely fall in love for.

Aristotelous Square

The perfect city break in Thessaloniki should begin every time with a walk along the shore of the Aegean Sea, at the Aristotelous Square. Here you will have the chance to admire some of the most spectacular buildings and tourist attractions in the city; but, perhaps, the most beautiful view will be the view over Thermaikos Gulf.
Enjoy your lunch at one of the restaurants and cafés located in the area, capture the surrounding atmosphere and if you want to enjoy a panoramic coffee, I recommend going to the Electra Palace Hotel’s terrace.

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki has an ancient rich history. This city was once home to the powerful kingdom of ancient Macedonia, which means that it has a culture of immense value for Greece and not only.
The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki hosts antiquities that belonged to the emperors for seven eras, beginning with the prehistoric period. These are organized in chronological order, the aspect that gives tourists the opportunity to discover the story of this ancient nation according to the periods in which important events occurred.

Arch of Galerius and Rotunda

This tourist attraction collects thousands of tourists annually due to the history that it has preserved over the years. The building is a trace of Roman works during the reign of Emperor Galerius (4th century AD). Explore the area, look for scenes of battle inscribed manually on the pillars of the building, find answers and inspiration from the present clues.
The Rotunda was the home of a Roman temple, representing a place of worship and a mosque dedicated to prayers.

Ana Poli and Heptapyrgion

Ana Poli is the name allocated to the Upper Town or Old Town. If you want to save time, you can take the bus 23 and you will immediately reach the final destination. Instead, if you are for the first time in the city, I recommend you follow this route on foot. Admire the streets that still retain a memory of the Ottoman times, damaged buildings after the devastating incident in 1917 and follow the city walls until you reach the Heptapyrgion. The latter one is a Venetian fortress, which served as a prison (until 1988) before becoming the Acropolis of Thessaloniki.

White Tower of Thessaloniki

It’s the tower that watches for 600 years the waterfront of Thessaloniki. It’s probably the most famous symbol of the city and an important meeting place. It was picked up by the Ottomans in order to serve as a protection wall against enemies. Over time, the tower hosted a small prison, being known as the Red Tower. The cost for a visit is only 3 euro/adult.

Thessaloniki is an exceptional city. It has managed to preserve a history of lots of centuries, becoming today the cultural capital and one of the main attractions of Greece. I assure you that once you arrive in Thessaloniki, you will already want to come back again. It’s a city that inspires magic, culture and modernism.


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