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4 Best Places Around the World to get Beautiful Escorts and Prostitute


There may be several reasons for you to travel worldwide.Maybe you want to see some new places, or perhaps you may just want to go some places around the world to get beautiful escorts and prostitutes and have sex with them. These days sex tourism has become synonymous with several countries and every year several people from other parts of the world come to these places purely for this industry. Below I have listed down some the best places for sex tourism in 2017, where the industry is booming and is protected by the local govt

1. Thailand

I must list Thailand as the best place for sex tourism simply because the Thailand govt itself protects the industry. When you visit Thailand, you will notice it is the easiest country to navigate and have sex with beautiful prostitutes. “Ping Pong” shows which are advertised as spas in Bangkok are hugely famous among sex tourists. After all, no one has a spa day at these places. Sex tourism is completely legal in Thailand, and there are apparently over 3 million prostitutes.

2. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is another place where sex tourism is completely legal and protected by the local govt. If you visit Amsterdam’s Red Light District, you will see plenty of drug shops, full of brothels and plenty of live sex shows. These shows are often predictable and boring. Although, I never went to any of such shows my suggestion to the potential sex tourists would be to stick with the brothels and have a more exciting time.

3. Kenya

Sex tourism in Africa belongs to Kenya. Kenya has around 2 million HIV infected, not a surprising number when you consider tourists were looking for sex often keep coming back to Kenya. This is large since it is extremely cheap and the number of female prostitutes is extremely high. I do not how legal sex tourism is in Kenya, but with HIV rate rather high, my advice would be to use maximum condoms as possible each time you have sex in Kenya rather than bargaining with the prostitutes for a cheaper rate.

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the best travel destinations of the world with plenty of splendid beaches, wildlife, rainforests, and prostitutes! Costa Rica is the home of some of the most beautiful escorts and prostitutes in the world. To me, it is always the place where the “rich kids” went on their spring break. Costa Rica is quite famous for its sex tourism especially among rich American and Canadians who like to pay their way since it is not that cheap. So, next time you see a Costa Rica tourism commercial with a bikini-clad woman on a beach, she might be a hooker apparently.

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