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6 Tips If You Visit Sri Lanka for the First Time


Are you planning to visit Sri Lanka? Because today I want to share with you some great tips for the first time travelers to this destination.

Explore the north territory to escape from the crowds

An impressive number of tourists visit the southern part of Sri Lanka annually, which is higher than those who prefer the north. To avoid the congregation of crowded beaches and accommodation structures’ unavailability, I recommend you to choose for holidays the Northern Province.
Here I suggest you to visit the colonial city Jaffna and the Peninsula Jaffna for some remote temples, empty beaches and unique attractions.

Be ready to travel slow  

Sri Lanka doesn’t have a suitable infrastructure for expensive cars or taxis. Actually, getting around slower can be very fun. The best travel options in terms of transport are tuk-tuk, bus and train. But be aware that it will take some time to reach the final destination.

Try the local cuisine

Sri Lanka has a delicious cuisine. However, it can be a tricky task to find when and where you can find the best local delights. You should totally try hoppers, which are usually served in the morning and afternoon. For an evening dish, I recommend you kottu rotty.
Do not expect to find numerous stalls located on the streets. The best food you will find in the kitchens of the small guesthouses.

Explore the capital of Sri Lanka

Colombo is renowned for jazz clubs, restaurants placed on the rooftops and boutiques. Besides the fact that Sri Lanka has numerous exotic attractions, you should not miss its capital. I recommend you to discover the National Museum– a 9th century building that hosts 19th century galleries; Viharamahadevi Park– the Colombos’s biggest park renamed in 1950s, the Dutch Period Museum that dates back to the 17th century and others.

Be active

You should totally get involved in local sport activities once you arrive in Sri Lanka. The island is recognized for its beaches and tea plantations, but also for adrenaline activities. You can choose to play Cricket, the king of the sport in India and Pakistan or do Surfing. The island has some excellent surfing places due to the currents of water that crosses the distance from Antarctica to Sri Lanka.
Other famous watersports include kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding and canoeing. The best spot for whitewater rafting is near the Kitulgala town.
Do not hesitate to try diving, snorkeling, trekking, cycling, yoga and the spectacular balloon trips for a panoramic bird eye view.

Try to understand the culture

The distance between Sri Lanka and India is just 18 miles, but these two countries have a totally different culture. The first one manifests wilder traditions than India does. Try to interact with locals and see what are their principles and purposes in life. Learn to speak and understand as a local. Admire their dances, music and cuisine, because these details will show you the real culture of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a “must-see” destination. Prepare to interact with another culture and a majestic exotic paradise. There is no time to get bored of it.


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